After DeviceTalks West, held in Santa Clara, California on October 18th and 19th, Barranquilla positions itself as a hub for clinical research. Through strategic partnerships and regulatory advancements, it attracts international investment and collaboration. Let’s delve into each of these aspects in detail.

Barranquilla Emerging as an International Epicenter for Clinical Research

During DeviceTalks West, Barranquilla, in its progress in clinical research on medical devices, has demonstrated significant growth by opening new research centers and continuing to strengthen its position as a cluster with the support of the Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce. The partnerships established during this event with Beacon Launch Partners, GVMED, and PercAssist Corp underscore a strong international interest in this region.

These connections promise future collaborations, attracting investment and global expertise to Barranquilla. We highlight the willingness of Novocure and companies like PercAssist Corp to conduct studies in Colombia, enhancing the region’s appeal for clinical research development.

Economic Impact and Technological Advancements

The economic impact is evident in Barranquilla. Fundación Campbell, Cediul, Salud Social, Clínica Carriazo and Clínica Porvenir have established crucial connections, promising future business opportunities and technological developments. Additionally, this event has paved the way for improving regulatory conditions, expediting the approval of clinical research projects in Barranquilla.

Transformation into a Knowledge Economy

Barranquilla, aligning itself with the national policy of science, technology, and innovation represented by the CONPES legal framework, aims to transform into a knowledge-based economy. The event has acted as a catalyst in consolidating its position as an epicenter for clinical research. These achievements and strategic connections not only drive economic growth and investments in the city but also strengthen collaboration between local and international stakeholders in the field of clinical research.

Do you know what Colombia Clinical Trials is?

Colombia Clinical Trials brings together the city’s research centers, which are known for conducting high-quality clinical studies supported by technology and expert researchers, backed by a diverse population, agile regulatory processes, and strong support in all phases. It serves as an essential link for researchers, sponsors, and partners in the field of clinical research, with more than 10 certified research centers. It stands as a gateway to excellence in studies, ensuring a solid track record in the healthcare and medical research sector. This initiative is supported by the Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce, with resources from Colombia Productiva and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism.

To learn more about all the medical organizations that are part of this initiative, please visit or contact:

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